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Why Youth Insight?

Our mission is to empower our clients to see the world through the eyes of Australia’s young people, and in so doing, to connect with that audience to deliver the best possible products and services benefitting our clients and young people alike. As the market research arm of Student Edge, Youth Insight arose from a desire to share the unique access and understanding of Australia’s Gen Y and Gen Z that the company has developed since opening its doors in 2003. Having worked with industry leaders in finance, education, consumer goods, telecommunications, peak bodies and government departments all the way through to tech start-ups and entrepreneurs, we’ve seen first-hand the power that insights can have on transforming and clarifying understanding, product development and take-to-market strategies. Give yourself the best possible chance for success by understanding your audience and their needs before you invest in marketing and development. Supported by a team of highly experienced market research specialists, Youth Insight possesses three unique assets that make it the authority on Australia’s Gen Y & Gen Z.

Access to more than 1M 12 – 29 year olds through email, phone and social media.

Dedicated in-house Youth Panel with more than 120,000 high quality respondents.

Ability to gain unrivalled insight into their lives, behaviour and attitudes.

The Youth Insight Philosophy

Right Question.
Right Solution.

Engaging our clients with a consultative approach, having a strategic conversation from the very beginning.

Before tailoring the right solution, we believe in taking the time to interrogate each specific issue and — most importantly — understand why solving it presents an opportunity.

Not Information.

We are committed to translating the rich and ever-changing story of Australia's younger generations into sharp, actionable insights which — when activated - have the power to influence and drive change.

Deliver Strategic Direction.

Providing the strategic tools that not only motivate our clients to see the way forward — but also to own it.

What our clients have said

I have had the great pleasure of working with Student Edge and Youth Insight on a recent research project.

The Student Edge and Youth Insight team are highly skilled, agile and responsive and the consultation process with them produced a well targeted brief for the project. Their methodology, project execution and analysis of results was thorough. The final report was presented in clear diagrammatic format and included intelligent, targeted recommendations.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to work with such a knowledgeable and professional team. I have no hesitation in recommending the services offered by Student Edge and Youth Insight.

Eamon Moore
Director, Communications & Operations
Construction Training Fund

In early 2016 we were looking to conduct important research into the prevalence and impact of cyberbullying amongst young Australians aged 18-24.

We were faced with the challenge of finding this tough-to-reach audience, at a cost that was affordable within the terms of our budget grant. We turned to the Youth Insight team at Student Edge, having learnt of their expertise in conducting research with the youth of Australia.

Through their unique Youth Panel, Student Edge helped us achieve a representative sample within this very tough-to-reach audience. They went above and beyond to overcome every hurdle (including the tricky area of ethics approval), and did so with a smile and a can-do attitude. As someone relatively new to online research, I particularly liked the time they took to answer questions, and share their experienced advice around conducting research with young people — ensuring our survey would sufficiently engage its target audience.

It was a pleasure working with Kevin and the team and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any organisations who are considering conducting research with young Australians.

Dr Colette Langos & Dr Mark Giancaspro
The University of Adelaide

I write to thank and acknowledge the professionalism Student Edge has shown as we partnered to gain deeper insights into how students understand the breadth and complexity of the Financial Services Industry. Specifically we wanted to understand the financial issues confronting students as they transition from being a student to an employee. With your 10yrs experience in growing a 600,000+ student membership base and your philosophy on education being aligned with ours, we view you as a leading provider in this market with trusted access and engagement with the student market.

From the outset, Student Edge Senior management showed the utmost professionalism, starting with time to establish an agreed strategy followed by clearly documented plans and ongoing updates. Having a plan that included surveys, focus groups and video scripting and production, we were delighted with the way Student Edge ensured we were always engaged and the "job being done" was aligned with our goals.

Using your multimedia capabilities via website, Facebook and Twitter to promote the survey, we were delighted with the 3,500+ responses received. This strong penetration of your membership provided insights to students understandings, misunderstandings, misconceptions and confusions around Financial Services.

From the insights gained in the survey responses, your coordination and management of the two Focus groups showed your understanding of the market. In addition it gave us deeper understanding and provided the opportunity to ask students particular important questions identified from the survey responses. The report and video of the Focus Groups you collated enabled us to move to the next phase of our strategy — video scripting and production — and identify the initial topics we wanted to cover. Student Edge's marketing team, using their deep understanding of this market segment and in conjunction with our experts, created two educational videos to help students with identified financial concerns.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Student Edge as together we help educate students to become job ready.

Thanks once again and please pass on my thanks to the rest of the Student Edge team.

Iain Giles
Head of Partnership Solutions
Australian Unity Investments

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