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Take the guesswork out of understanding young people.

We are the experts that can help you understand how young people think, act and feel.

Who are we?

YouthInsight is the leading research agency for youth in Australia, with the biggest online panel of over 200,000 young Australians.

What we offer.

YouthInsight tailors each project to our clients’ needs. Our methods are clear and standard, making us the best in youth research and insights.


What our clients have to say:

“Logitech and YouthInsight worked closely together on defining the target market and marketing materials for our new POP Keys product. YouthInsight were very thorough in undertaking quantitative and qualitative surveys, focus groups and store visits. YouthInsights worked hard towards the timeline during COVID outbreaks and made quick decisions in moving forward. The insights of the research were very valuable and we were able to take the results on board and implement into our future marketing activities.” – Logitech

Our past clients.

Clients of YouthInsight: Hostplus
Clients of YouthInsight: Chartered Accountants
Clients of YouthInsight: Construction Training Fund
Clients of YouthInsight: Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Clients of YouthInsight: Boost Mobile
Clients of YouthInsight: RACV
Clients of YouthInsight: STA Travel
Clients of YouthInsight: Logitech
Clients of YouthInsight: Logitech
Clients of YouthInsight: Logitech
Clients of YouthInsight: Logitech
Clients of YouthInsight: DISER

Our most recent report.

Discover the trend in Gen Z’s preferences for education and career pathways.

Gen Z study pathways

Our most recent report.

Explore the top brands that resonated with Gen Z in 2023!


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