Here’s the word from a survey conducted by Student Edge’s full-service market research arm, YouthInsight.

Seventy-seven per cent of young people say they’re more likely to consider shopping at a grocery store that is environmentally friendly or has sustainability initiatives.

Of the 991 young peopled aged 14 – 25 who were surveyed, the majority said sustainable initiatives were the likeliest thing to get them into stores. Promotions involving plastic novelties were only appealing to 21 per cent.

Almost eight out of 10 young people believe it’s important to take more sustainable actions in their lives, with 29 per cent saying it’s vital.

Their opinions can’t be taken for granted either, as half of young people reported having full or shared responsibility on grocery shopping, while 42 per cent report having some level of influence.

Young people told us they visit grocery stores five times per month. Promotions are only the fifth most important factor when considering grocery stores, with convenient location and price being most important.

Header Image: Aja Koska via Getty Images