The 2022 Studiosity Student Wellbeing Report is Live

Well done to Studiosity for commissioning this survey to monitor and better understand students’ wellbeing.

Stress levels amongst students are still alarmingly high. Living through a pandemic, geo-political conflicts and natural disasters is stressful enough, let alone coupled with the ongoing challenges our young people have in discovering their purpose and career pathway, furthering their studies and balancing this all with working and managing their personal lives.

Helping support young people through these challenges is one of the reasons why we founded Student Edge; we’re determined to continue be the safe place where young people can turn to for support. We also applaud Studiosity for the pivotal work which they do in helping young people, particularly with academic pressures. We hope this report will help our Educational Institutions (and other relevant stakeholders) in continuing to build and tailor services to support young people too.

It’s refreshing to see the optimism from our students and it’s important that we help underpin this and empower them to fulfil their potential.

Follow the link below to download the report.

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