The eighth annual Studiosity Student Wellbeing report contains the survey results of 1,137 students at universities in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. This large-scale survey and report is an avenue for students to share their voice, thoughts, feelings, and expectations of study and university life.

Commissioned by Studiosity, YouthInsight is honored to contribute to this pivotal work through our research with young people in Australia and New Zealand.

In this year’s report, our findings indicate that stress continues to impact students. Seven in 10 participants reported being stressed at least once per week, a continued trend from our 2021 survey (74%). As students call for more peer connection during their university journey, “preferences for online or in-person connection are heavily dependent on demographic, showing the key need for flexibility in support as well as delivery, for institutions,” says Professor Judyth Sachs, Chief Academic Officer, Studiosity.

In 2022-2023, students are increasingly balancing full-time study with paid employment (84%), with 86 per cent of Australian students working while studying (up from 78% in 2021). To take this into account, Professor Judyth Sachs adds that “the sector must plan at the policy level for student experiences.”

“Overall, this year’s survey points to many positive indicators for students in 2023, reflecting new student expectations and how the sector has risen to meet them with more support, more inclusive treatment, care for a students’ personal circumstances – and also how we will need to in coming years.”

The survey ran from 14th November to 6th December 2022 and gained a total of 1,137 responses, of which 995 were in Australia, while 142 were in New Zealand. All Australian public universities were represented in the Australian sample. In New Zealand, all universities were represented.

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