Discussions about the impact of Generative AI on education have been missing one key voice that bears the greatest impact of the changes this technology brings: students and young people.

To address this issue, in April 2023, YouthInsight conducted the first Australian exploratory study with students and young people to understand their perceptions and use of Generative AI.

This report includes insight from 576 young people aged 14 to 26 across High Schools, Universities, TAFE, Colleges, and in work, focusing on how Gen Z is using AI; their favourite tools; the omnipresent questions about cheating and plagiarism; their self-reported skills and confidence in using AI; their levels of trust in these tools and information they generate; AI ethics, regulations and their overall outlook on an AI future.

Thank you to the 576 young people who participated in this survey, this research would not be possible without you.

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